It’s dreadfully early to get one so pretty as Rochelle Hardy on screen, so wouldn’t it be lovely to give her a quick call?

Rochelle Hardy

She’s a real trooper our Rochelle, and who else can look this good at such an early hour of the morning?  Beats the shit out of looking at all the sad faces in the office when you arrive though, that’s for sure.  Here’s who Rochelle will be joined by today and tonight on Babestation TV.


  • Rochelle Hardy
  • Zohra
  • Vicki Narni


  • Preeti
  • Beth
  • Louise
  • Leigh
  • Cali
  • Savannah
Leigh Darby big tits
Leigh Darby on Babestation tonight

Clearly going to be a manic Monday guys!  Mind you, it’ll be one of those days where you’ll be glad to come home to some of your favourite babes of all time on Babestation.  They’ll be dutifully waiting for you so give them a call when you unwind.  Remember that all of our girls have exclusive content on our website at and you can join up for a two day membership for a fiver to try it out if you like.  That’s go to be value for money right?

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