Do you know who Ron Jeremy is?  He’s a legend in the world of porn, and today we dug out an old picture of him with some of our girls…

Babestation girl pics
Ron Jeremy at Babestation

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt has been ranked at number 1 by the AVN on their list of the top 50 porn stars of all time, and it’s not surprising when you consider that this porn legend is actually listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most appearances in porn movies.  They always say there are two things Ron can’t turn down: food and work; and this certainly seems to be the case

Ron Jeremy’s entry on the internet adult film database lists more than 2,000 movie appearances!

Let’s have a little guessing game shall we?  See how many of those faces you recognise and/or remember from Babestation TV.  If my memory serves me well, these Babestation girls were very pleased to see Ron; not half as much as Ron was to see them though I’d imagine.

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  1. think ive got them all from left to right jenni may, sarah louise, dionne mendez, dani oneal, spider (?), porcha sins, yvette merriman, roxy (?), imogen

  2. Yes this is Roxy and im far right corner the pictured me with ron on that programe last night worlds largest penis it was just after this shoot me and him went to a party in soho lol

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