Ruby Summers

Age: 26

Height: 5’ 3

Dress Size: 8

Boobs: 30 FF

Former hairdresser and dance teacher Ruby Summers will be striking out into the world of Babestation X this Wednesday for her very first live solo show.  This decision has not been made in a hurry.  Since she joined us at Babestation she has taken her career very seriously and although she has always contemplated getting her knickers off, live on screen, she wanted to plan it so that it would be another level to improve her performance and a decision that really enhances her career.  Here at Babestation we are very happy for Ruby that she feels now is the right moment, and we’re pretty sure you lot out there are ecstatic of course!

Ruby Summers

Wednesday night Ruby Summers on Babestation X

Get your seat

You all know how Babestation X works of course.  If you’re a member of Babestation or Babestation X then you’ll get to watch the first segment of the show from 22.00-22.30 for free, and this is where Ruby is afforded the opportunity to do WHATEVER she wants!  If you’re not a member simply go along to our website and sign up, or wait until Wednesday and get a two day trial membership for £1.50.  This will get you the show and access to our website for two whole days.  Bargain really, we’re sure you’ll agree.  Especially when you consider that we have some exclusive Ruby Summers content on there for you to look at.

Babestation – Wishing Ruby well for her first live solo show!

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