Savannah says no to racism…

Here she is boys, one of the most stunning babe channel stars you’ve seen!  And what’s even better is she’s got a banana in her mouth!  If your imagination doesn’t run riot at the sight of that then you need professional help, or alternatively you’re on the wrong site!

Savannah says no to racism

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the issue at hand here.  The most important thing about this incredibly sexy picture is the fact that Savannah has decided to join the army of celebs in saying no to racism following Dani Alves’ courageous and rather comical reaction to that stupid racist that threw a banana at him on the pitch.

You can read more about the incident in yesterday’s blog post if you like, but the point is to show your support by posting this article on your social networks with #saynotoracism

Let Savannah and the other Babestation girls know you’re behind them! (no pun intended there of course)