Being that I’m a ‘proper geezer’ in his 30s and full of manly testosterone, my hairline hasn’t been particularly kind to me. I reached peak recession a while back now, and have taken the plunge; I shave my own head. Saying all of that, if I could go to a barbers where Sienna Day is my stylist and she’s just wearing underwear, I would somehow find a reason to go. Perhaps I could sport a fancy wig.

That’s exactly the premise here in this video from the guys over at Babes Do Stuff. Specifically, Sienna Day shows you how to style a Pompadour. I’d never heard of that until watching this video, but I’ve seen the style many times in Shoreditch.

As you may know, Sienna Day is a former Babestation babe. So we have a loads of picture and video content of her getting a lot more raunchy than she does in this video. You can see full-on porn shoots and nakedness over on the official Babestation website.

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