Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about Stella Cox has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

My girlfriend Becca and I had always talked about having a threesome and after discussing the possibly of inviting a mutual friend into our bedroom we eventually decided that it would probably be best to book an escort, just so there would be no awkwardness afterwards. After looking through lots of escort sites we settled upon Stella Cox and as we nervously typed out an email to her we wondered if we had done the right thing.

A few minutes later we received a reply from Stella. She said she had a free slot later that night. Becca and I thought we would have a little more time to prep but I guess a few hours was enough time! Our nerves are getting to us as we sit on the sofa waiting for Stella to arrive. Then there’s a knock at the door. Becca and I stare at each other wide eyed, frozen on the spot. We both open the door and mutter a weird high pitch nervous greeting. Stella is effortlessly sexy in a red mini dress and tells Becca how sexy she is. Becca leans in for a kiss on the lips and suddenly all my nerves melt away. Becca leads Stella into the front room whilst I grab some drinks. When I walk back in the girls are already making out with each other on the sofa. Stella’s hands are all over Becca, caressing her boobs and groping her ass. Becca strokes Stella’s soft pale white thighs whilst I stand in the doorway watching my girlfriend kiss and fondle another woman. I can’t quite believe what’s happening but I’m feeling incredibly turned on. The girls see me and invite me to join in. I kiss Becca first, not wanting to cause jealousy but Becca pushes Stella and I together so she can watch us kiss. It feels amazing to kiss another woman. We then strip each other naked and admire each other’s nude bodies before Becca and I get between Stella’s legs to taste her pussy. Becca slides her fingers inside Stella and orders me to suck her clit. I do as I’m told and put in my best effort to impress Stella Cox. Becca finger fucks Stella until she moans in pleasure and squirts all over Becca and I. We can’t believe we just made Stella cum. I always assumed escorts faked it with their clients but as our faces were covered in Stella’s pussy juices I knew that we showed her a good time. After Stella recovered from her intense orgasm both girls gave me a double blowjob which has always been my ultimate fantasy. Sadly I didn’t last long enough to fuck the girls but feeling Stella Cox and Becca harmonica my cock was enough to make me spunk all over their faces like a bukkake porn scene. Maybe next tine we’ll book Stella for a night in of hardcore sex!