It’s not just Babestation that Stella Paris is known for, you can also watch her in one of her numerous film credits or listen to her music single which she released back in 2018.  Whether you’re an old fan or new to the party, we love to watch Stella Paris do her thing, stripped naked and playing with her pussy on live sex cam or on the live tv babeshows, (for more information on when you can see Stella next, hit this link for her up-coming schedule.)  This Maltese Minx wears many hats so in order to learn a little more about her, we sat her down to give her the famous BOTM interview.

Stella Paris

Babestation:  Who is your dream date?

Stella Paris:  Liam Hemsworth.

Babestation:  What is your favourite food?

Stella:  I like vegan Mexican tortillas, because beside being very delicious and being able to do so many fillings, they are also very healthy and easily made with so many alternatives.

Babestation:  What animal would you most like to speak to?

Stella: My dog of coarse my Chinese Crested powder puff, i would love to talk to him all the time.  I would love to be able to talk to him and know how he feels.  He is very vocal already, he talks a lot.

Babestation:  What five items can you not live without?

Stella:  Straighteners, bleach, lashes, my clitoris vibrator and my phone.


Babestation:  If your friends described you, what would they say?

Stella Paris:  Sensula, assertive, feisty, yet kind and generous, very attentive and loving and very motivated and persistent.

Babestation:  What is your favourite thing about being a Babestation babe?

Stella:  I love being on national television but i think my favourite bit is being on private webcam show because doing a proper show, for a very long time helps me to make a connection, to see them on private cam  cos i would rather see their cock cos it soes turn me on as well.

Babestation:  And finally, what is your message to all your Babestation fans out there?

Stella:  I love giving that sexual healing and release to so many men who need it.  So thanks for watching and joining me on Babestationcams.  Can’t wait for our next show together.