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Channel 945

We have been asked to issue the following statement regarding the launch of our new channel The Starlets of Babestation on behalf of our Executive Manager…

At Babestation we have a reputation for delivering a vast and diverse range of talent across all of our channels, sometimes offering as many as seven girls a night.  However, because of the sheer number of girls we have at Babestation and their very clear popularity we are often left unable to showcase who we like to call the next generation of Babestation talent; girls who are already gaining massive popularity.  In my mind The Starlets of Babestation is the platform that will allow this next generation to feature for longer periods on the show, thus enabling Babestation to further evolve to meet the needs of the fans.

Speaking of whom, I have read comments, listened to ideas and even spoken directly to many Babestation fans over the past five months and myself and the team have been working tirelessly to ensure your new channel is the best that it can be.  Babestation Apprentice was a great success, but I would like to stress that Starlets is not an adapted or tweaked version of that show in any way.  Along with some new faces, it’s important to note that unlike Apprentice, some of the girls who will feature on Starlets have been in the industry for many years, but sadly never given the chance to truly shine.  The opportunity for many of the girls to entertain their fans for longer, on a dedicated channel with no interruptions, is something everyone has been waiting for.

Finally, I would like to thank you all.  This is essentially your channel and your invaluable ideas and comments have given birth to this project.  However, in order to fuel the evolution of Starlets I would greatly appreciate your continued support to ensure it continues to be the show you really want.  Perhaps you would like to see a return to the old chat show format?  Or maybe a special set that we haven’t offered before?  Or perhaps there’s a particular pairing of girls you’d like to see?  Obviously we can’t please everyone all the time, but if you send us feedback about what you would like to see on the channel I will personally do my very best to make it happen.



Executive Manager


  1. Hi Mo, I for one will be tuning into the new channel tonight. I enjoy the channel BSX,as it lets the girls do more than they would normally not get away with on TV. I’m a fan of Mica Martinez, and would love to see her on BSX? Please give us some more uncensored channels like Bsx.

    Good luck with the new channel,


  2. I like the sound of and reasoning behind Starlets.

    I miss the sofa: two or three of the girls sitting down, reading texts, having a laugh and coming out with random nonsense.

    You got to see more of their personalities which doesn’t happen as much now on nights. We got to see what their sense of humour is like….as well as their tits!

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