You’re always interested in what goes on at the Babestation Studio I’m sure.  Well I was in their last night…

I was meeting and greeting the girls etc (as you do when you have a job as privileged as me), and I thought I’d try out my new iPhone 5 and take a few shots.  They’re a bit amateur, but then that’s what they pay people like Mark Cremona for isn’t it?  I don’t profess to be a photographer, but it’s nice to snap off a few tits and arse pics here and there…

Messy Babestation girls!
Messy Babestation girls!


Messy Babestation girls!
Messy Babestation girls!

As you can see, those naughty Babestation girls aren’t the tidiest of creatures!  Their green room looks as though someone has literally picked it up, shook it, and then replaced it.  Mind you, just imagine for a moment if you will, how hard it must be to have all those girls getting ready in one room!  You’d think it a nightmare right?  Well, you’d actually be quite wrong in some ways.  The girls are very disciplined and never seem to get in each other’s way at all (well, not when I’ve been there anyway).  And despite the toxic cloud of hairspray and fake tan, it’s actually quite a comfortable place to sit and work; enhanced of course by underwear and high heels being strewn all over the place, and the occasional naked girl walking through to change her stockings!

Babestation Keeley Magee
Keeley Magee

I managed to snap a few pics of the lovely Keeley Magee last night too, as you can see here in the picture I managed to get her when she’d had her second outfit change; this time sporting a lovely schoolgirl uniform!  They’ll be a little more on Keely Magee next week when I’ll show you a couple more pictures and give you a little more background info on this former UK porn star turned babe channel host!

You can follow Keeley on Twitter too!

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  1. Does Babestation have a smoking room? If so could we have some pics from the in their when the girls are on a break?

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