It’s time we put our Babestation All-Stars to work!  This Sunday you’ll get the chance to see Preeti on Babestation X.  Exclusive!

Preeti is a very popular babe as you’re probably already aware, and it’s for this reason we’ve decided to turn her over to Babestation X.  There is no loyalty in our ranks!  Actually Preeti is very excited about the prospect of doing a live solo show on Babestation X and none of us can wait until Sunday night.  We’ve all been asking her what she’s going to do, and how far she’s going to go etc, but she won’t give us any clues; I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the day to see what she comes up with it (literally)

Live porn show

Preeti is enormously popular and we expect a lot of you to be there.  If you’re a fan of her work with her sisiter Priya in their naughty little duo, then you’re sure to be a huge fan of her solo work.  Make sure you’re ready for some live interactive fun with Preeti on Sunday, because we have it on very good authority she’s MORE than ready to entertain you.

I suppose some would call it logical progression?

Babestation – Turning our girls over to the dark side!


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