Just like Martin Scorsese is an iconic director, and Usain Bolt is a fast runner – Jada Cameo is a legendary babeshow girl! She’s up there among the babe channel greats and you can’t talk about the ‘good old days’ without mentioning Jada’s name!


Having entered the industry on a pretty inferior channel, Jada worked her butt off until she felt it was time to move on to bigger and better things. The stars must’ve been aligned because around the same time, Jada caught the attention of the Babestation bosses, who were intrigued by this urban glamour girl with boundless energy. They offered her a spot on Babestation’s sister shows, Blue Kiss and Sex Station and Jada grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Over the years she proved her worth with her endless talent and professionalism, which went on to earn her a place at the very top of the ladder – Babestation. 

Jada Cameo

Many girls have walked through the Babestation doors over the years – They’ve had the looks, but not all of them have had the spunk and banter that Jada had in abundance. Her sections were exciting and thrilling, you never knew what daring position she was going to get into next and she treated each caller like a close personal friend with benefits. She also liked to dabble is a spot of Cosplay so viewers were often treated to a sexy display of Jada dressed up as one of her favourite comic book characters. Here’s Jada as Chun-Li.

Jada Cosplay
Jada cosplay 31-10-13_016.jpg

To get a dose of Jada, check her out on Babestation, Pervcam and Babestation CamsWhile you’re at it, take take a peek at the BabestationTV members area for Jada’s X-rated pics.