This weekend on Babestation X you’ve got it good…

There is a plethora of naked talent awaiting you on Freeview channel 174 and the Babestation X website tonight.  To begin with we have the fabulous Ava Dalush and the smoking hot Canadian porn star Veronica Vice.  This is going to be a full on hardcore sex show and you’ll be able to interact too if you tune in and press the red button.

Veronica Vice is really looking forward to getting her hands on some Ava Dalush pussy.  We’ve been told that she’s getting all wet in the panties as I write this, just thinking about it.  Who can blame her for Christ’s sake!?  Anyone with genitals would be happy to see these two going hard at it with each other.

Babestation Extreme
Veronica Vice on Babestation X tonight

So keep it on Babestation Extreme tonight for the beginning of yet another fabulous weekend of hardcore fucking!

Tell us who else you’d like to see on the Babestation X shows?  Comments in the usual place please!