New people are signing up to SKY everyday and with that comes the dreaded parental lock! Damn you! If you’re new to SKY and can’t see the adult channels, don’t panic! Help is at hand! You just need to turn off the parental lock in your settings.

For you slightly less tech savvy folk out there, here’s how to do it:

Your Sky Q box comes with adult channels hidden from the TV Guide and it’ll also hide any adult channel recordings.

To change this:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Settings, then Parental.
  2. Enter your Sky TV PIN.
  3. Select Family, then Hide adult content.
  4. Select Off to show adult shows, or On to hide them.

For me information, go to

So there you have it! You needn’t be without the most entertaining and important channels in the EPG (that’s the channel guide to you regular folk) Now sit back and enjoy Babestation!

On tonights show:
Alexa Brooke
Alice Goodwin
Lynda Leigh
Cali Garcia

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