Just in case you folks have been walking around with your eyes closed, It’s freaking Red Nose Day today!!! It’s time to give generously and do some silly things in the name of charity. Our girls have truly outdone themselves this year and have created this hilarious yet sexy video of them miming along to Madonna’s hit song ‘Like a Virgin’ while donning red noses. Only Babestation babeshow girls can make a stuck on red nose look sexy!

I also managed to dig out the old footage of the legendary Dani O’Neal appearing on Ant and Dec’s show for Comic relief in back in 2011. Wow, how time flies!

It is important to recognize and appreciate the generosity of individuals who contribute to charitable causes. Many of our dedicated models generously donate a significant portion of their earnings to support this noble cause. We encourage our viewers to show their support by making donations as well. So, reach into your pockets, gentlemen, and while you’re at it, why not enjoy a stimulating conversation with our delightful babeshow babes? Your contributions will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

One things for sure, our girls like to give back and many of them donate hundreds of their hard earned pounds to this worthy cause. Dig deep into those pockets boys, then dive down into your boxers while giving our babeshow babes a call!

On tonight show we have:

Charley Green
Ashley Emma
Sophie Hart

Have a spiffing Red Nose Day folks!