The Babestation X weekend can’t get any better than this…

We thought that it was good having Preeti on the show the other week, but now we get to have her sister too!  This really is having your cake and eating it right?  Priya has been away too long and we can’t get enough of her.

Priya on Babestation X

Which Babestation X show will you go for?

Now, here’s how you can have a really good weekend of live Babestation X shows and more.  If you fancy splashing out on £1.50 you can watch Babestion X for two days and have two days of Babestation website content thrown into the bargain.  But we also give you a choice to make.  When to sign up?  Well it’s like this.  You can either sign up for your two day trial on Friday and see Priya’s live show and Dionne’s live show on Saturday, or you can sign up on Saturday and see Dionne’s live show and then the sensational Sexstation Unleashed, hardcore boy girl show with Jess West on Sunday.  Make your choice and sign up on the right day!  Remember that you get two days of website content too, so you’ll get all the old Unleashed shows as well as exclusive Babestation content.

Babestation – Bargains for everyone, just make your choice…

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