With Halloween well on it’s way I thought I would chat about Babestation’s upcoming festivities and also take a look back on the past 2 years of their legendary Halloween special – Cosplay Night!

It was really refreshing to see Babestation go in a different direction to the usual Halloween fodder that other channels do; such as devils and witches etc. Not only is it limiting but it’s dated, tired and fairly unsexy. I mean there’s only so many times we can see a girl whack on a pair of red horns and spank her ass with a plastic pitchfork before we start getting a bit bored. The seasoned viewer needed a bit more and Babestation recognised that! That’s when they adopted the Halloween cosplay night and needless to say, it was a huge hit; not only among the girls, but the viewers too!

Since the introduction of Cosplay night, the girls have come to look forward to Halloween and can be heard discussing their outfit ideas for weeks, even months in advance. The girls found that the cosplay idea was not only current and fresh, but it also gave them the chance to really let their hair down while also allowing them to inject an aspect of modern pop culture into their performances.

The girls would choose their favourite movie or cartoon character and completely revamp them, so their outfits were not only iconic but also sexy as hell! Last years popular show saw the gorgeous Preeti donning a blue cape and whipping up a storm as an incredibly sexy Supergirl.


Lori Buckby pulled out all the stops and shook her fine ass in a skin tight Ghostbusters outfit; but there was no baggy boiler suit in sight, Lori unveiled an all in one playsuit complete with hotpants and a baseball cap, with her long tousled locks draped sexily over her perfect boobs.


Lori, not content with just one outfit choice, also chose the Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn costume to really amp up her section on Freeview. It certainly got a fair few pulses racing!!!


Jada went all out with her costume and chose an iconic Street Fighter character to mimic; being a perfectionist she sourced a realistic costume from America and transformed into an incredible, jaw dropping Chun Li, complete with hair buns. In true Jada style, her performance was energetic, seductive and included some incredible limber positions. No girl is as flexible as our stunning Jada!!!


This years Halloween Cosplay show will be extended over an ENTIRE WEEKEND, and will take place on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October 2016. I cannot wait to see what the girls have in store!!!


Reede xxx


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