Valentines day is a mere day away and for some it’s a joyous occasion that is spent gazing into the eyes of their beloved. However for many singletons out there, Valentines day is just another reminder that they are all alone. I say bollocks to the lot of it! If you’re living the single life then count yourself lucky that you aren’t forking out a fortune on a day that was invented by hallmark just to lure those loved up suckers into spending their hard earned cash on flowers and chocolates; both of which are still no more likely to get you laid.

I’ve been out for many Valentines day meals in the past and I find it all quite anticlimactic; you show up to a  crammed restaurant with an overpriced set menu and get seated so close to another couple that it feels like you’re on a double date. There’s just nothing romantic about watching a sweaty, run-off-her-feet waitress squeeze between tables of young couples who look happier taking a “Valentines selfie” than they do chatting to each other.

My point is, don’t put so much emphasis on Valentines Day. It is, after all just a day. The best thing you can do this Valentines is hunker down, remote in hand and watch our girls work their magic. Not only will you be glad you aren’t out spending 45 quid on a bottle of house red, but you’ll be getting your happy ending from the comfort of your own home!

The line up for Valentines this year is jawdropping and you won’t want to miss a moment! There’s a girl to suit every taste; blonde, brunette, big boobs, small boobs, curvy, petite, you name it, we’ve got it!

Whatever you decide to do, just make it fun!


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