So, tell us what you thought to our Babestation Academy star doing hardcore porn…

There’s no mistaking that tattoo of course!  However, I have to say that we didn’t get a very good screen shot of the lovely Jessie Jenkins getting fucked.  Hope you all had a good show however.  We’ve heard some good reports from the fans, and it looks as though she enjoyed herself enormously.  What girl wouldn’t want to get fucked nice and hard by Kane “The Tank” Turner?  You can’t have him girls, he only screws for cash; and lots of it!

Live hardcore porn show

Jessie Jenkins getting fucked

Anyway, it’s always nice to see Babestation girls going all the way and subjecting themselves to some hardcore live porn.  What we’d like to ask you is: which other Babestation stars, either Academy or otherwise, would you like to see getting nailed by Kane Turner?  You just never know what they might think when they read the blog; you might get a surprise announcement for another Unleashed show.  We never thought Jessica Lloyd would ever do hardcore porn, never mind our Academy recruit Jessie Jenkins.

The show is sure to be on the Babestation website soon and you’ll be able to view it, along with all the other recorded Unleashed shows for just £1.50.  That’s really not a lot of money, so don’t even bother bitching to us!

Let us know who you’d like to see in a forthcoming Unleashed show and we’ll tell our friends over at Sexstation

Babestation – Always trying to make your experience more interactive!

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