It’s midweek and most people are pissed off that it’s not the weekend. Well we’ve got a cure for that…

To begin with you can’t miss the Unleashed show tonight!  It’s between 10-11pm and you can watch it here on Babestation or over on Sexstation, it’s up to you.  It all depends I suppose on whether or not you have a membership at either site; if you do then the Unleashed show is free.  If you don’t it’ll cost you £1.50 (hardly going to bankrupt you!)

Anyway, tonight it’s the debut porn performance from the ever popular Sexstation girl Jessica Lloyd.  She’ll be getting drilled publicly by the stud Dean Van Damme; and let me tell you that he’s sure to make a meal of it!  Who wouldn’t?

Jessica Lloyd
Jessica Lloyd – Sexstation Veteran does her first Unleashed show!

Wednesday is also Babestation Academy day as you know, and on the show tonight we have Rebecca Crow, Lizzie and Lenni.

We went searching on Twitter, simply because we like to stalk the girls, and found a lovely bit of video editing by Rebecca.  We took a little screen shot of it for you.  When you follow Rebecca on Twitter you’ll be rewarded with a whole host of these little video clips; she’s quite the filthy little fucker you know, and I suppose that’s what makes her perfect for us on Academy!

Rebecca from Babestation Academy
Rebecca from Babestation Academy

We’re certain that Rebecca is going to do even better than she has been.  She continues to get many new callers and she loves to meet new people.  This is a girl that could talk dirty for England if there was such an Olympic sport.  However, just the sight of those lovely tits and that ultra fit tattooed body is enough to keep you entertained, never mind calling her on the phone.  I wonder how many of you are going to bang one out over Rebecca tonight?

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Babestation – The Academy babes get filthier and filthier!