FLASHBACK - Atlanta Moreno & Scarlett Jones BSX Show

9 months ago
Name a better team than Scarlett Jones and Atlanta Moreno. Bread and Butter maybe, but you can't fuck bread. Atlanta Moreno porn star, model and brunette bombshell is a regular on Babecall. This racy little scamp enjoys stripping down to nothing for the pleasure of her loyal fans in pervcam. Chatting on the phone is a real strength of hers, having filthy phone sex chat with guys, making them cum over her silky smooth voice and handmade fake tits. Atlanta Moreno fucked is a beautiful sight, an expert pornstar, there's no shortage of footage of her getting dicked down hard in the VIP Member's Area, along side a plethora of Girl/Girl clips with Scarlett Jones, including; BSX Live Best Buds (ft. Atlanta, Scarlett), and BSX Live Triple Threat Special (ft. Scarlett, Atlanta, Lu Elissa). Scarlett Jones naked is just a glorious as Atlanta. Both British Babes are equally adorable, but Scarlett has a bite to her that no one would expect. Don't let the does eyes and innocent smile mislead you, she is a filthy girl that could make you cum in moments if she chose, but she usually likes to drag it out a bit, so both you and her really enjoy the experience.

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