The Babestation Show - Drawful with Shinade, Kartel & Dollie

8 months ago
More from our recent airing of The Babestation Show featuring live babeshows hotties Dollie Blue, Shinade Star and Kartel Kay, as they hit sofa and and reach for the best of their artistic talent to compete in a game of Drawful. Another phone based game in the Jackbox Party Pack. I think it's fair to say that Mr. P and the girls won't be troubling the walls of the National Portrait Gallery any time soon! Look out for The Babestation Show, we run a few of these a week and it's a great way to get to know the girls in a way you'll never see on the more raunchy side of Babestation TV. We do still have that raunchy side covered though, natch, and you can find nude videos of Kartel Kay and Shinade Star in our Babestation VIP Members Area.

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