Petite Beauty Alexandra.

about 1 month ago

Standing at just over 5ft, Alexandra is a petite babe. It's even more exaggerated by the size of her features, big butt, big breast and delicate little feet make's Alexandra's proportions almost perfect. But that's not why people call her for a cheap phonesex call. Although have big tits helps, the reason why blokes call up in droves is because of her sexy chat and sensual voice. Her roleplaying game is like no other, able to play out any fantasy you have with expert her linguistic skills, this babe can get you off in any way you like. Just tell her what fetish you'd like to play out, whether it's a some of the classic, BDSM, anal, cuckholding, or something a bit different like dogging or ASMR, she'll do it to perfection. Maybe not macrophilia though, at 5"1 there's not enough suspension of disbelief in the world for that one.

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