The whole concept of ASMR seems to have exploded over the past 5 years, to the point where porn producers are even including it in their XXX movies. I guess nothing beats the sound of a wet pussy being fingered during a POV closeup, (like what you can see in the Babestation VIP members area). In case you aren’t familiar with the term ASMR, let me explain. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, refers to the biological reaction some people experience in that it triggers the pleasure centers in the brain.

Physical sensations such as goosebumps, tingling at the back of the neck, and even sexual satisfaction are just some of the reactions that can be provoked by ASMR.


Below is a list of things content creators might do to cater to their ASMR-loving audience:

  • Speaking in a softly spoken seductive voice
  • Applying makeup or brushing hair
  • Long nails tapping on surfaces such as plastic, wood, paper, metal, etc.
  • Playing certain types of lo-fi, chill music
  • Blowing or softly exhaling into an ASMR microphone

ASMR, have you heard of it?

ASMR refers to the sensation that people experience when they watch videos or engage in other activities that require particular attention. Many people describe the sensation as “tingles” running down the back of their heads and spines. Others describe the sensation as soothing, and it can even make some people fall asleep.


In an interview for Vox, YouTuber Maria, who has an ASMR channel with more that 1 million subscribers said that people’s experiences can vary by the day depending on their mood. She said:

“I’ve noticed that one day you will be more sensitive toward roleplaying, then another you’ll be more sensitive to swishing sounds. It really varies.” Maria said if people watch certain videos too much, they become tolerant of them. As a result, it’s important for ASMR video creators to keep things fresh and new, so to avoid overplaying that one tingling video. Clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine, Steven Novella, said that there could be an actual scientific reason why some people enjoy ASMR. In his study he details:

“ASMR could just be a way of activating the pleasure response. Vertebrate brains are fundamentally hardwired for pleasure and pain — for positive and negative behavioral feedback. We are rewarded with a pleasurable sensation for doing things and experiencing things that increase our survival probability, and have a negative or painful experience to make us avoid harmful behavior or warn us about potential danger or injury. Over evolutionary time a complex set of reward and aversion feedbacks have developed.”

He continues:

“Add to this the notion of neurodiversity — the fact that all of our human brains are not clones or copy cats, but vary in every possible way they can vary. We have a range of likes and dislikes, and there are individuals and even subcultures that seem to have a different pattern of pleasure stimulation than what is typical. S&M comes to mind. If reports are accurate, there are some people who experience pain as pleasurable and erotic.”

Even Stripchat are getting in on the action, offering VR ASMR shows featuring big name British porn stars as well as international names.

Surely this is no different to the type of porn someone likes. Getting a sexual kick out of a certain sound as an adult is a sort of kink, right? A study published in 2015 looked into ASMR and suggested that it could actually improve someone’s mood and even help alleviate pain.

How do people know if they have ASMR?

YouTuber, Maria, explains how she first discovered her love of ASMR:

“The first reaction I had was from physical contact in school, when girls would run their fingers through my forearms. It wasn’t the sensation of them touching my skin as much as the attention they were giving me.”

In later years, Maria would get even more intense tingles from roleplaying doctors or teachers with her friends. Maria described the feeling as being in a “trance-like state”. Below is a list compiled from an ASMR blog about some of the techniques used to make ASMR content. Why not ask your favourite cam model to employ some of these tactics during your next session.


Blowing: This is a great ASMR trigger for webcam models because it is highly visually stimulating, as well as being great for audio! Next time you get on pervcam, ask the babe to blow a relaxing, wind-like sound into the microphone.

Mouth and tongue movement: This is kind of like blowing and also great for webcam. It can quickly turn into a highly sexual experience ask your cam girl to try other types of triggers such  licking, smacking her lips or sucking loudly on a dildo.

There might also be several babecall cam girls who partake in watersports so if you like to listen to water sounds, asking your cam girl to perform a pissing show is a great way to try out ASMR. Register free on babecall to get involved with all the sexy babes

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