I trust you filthy fellows had a tremendous weekend watching the fabulous birthday show unfold? Lori and Hannah Mac on the same screen? What a night to remember!

If you think that that’s all we had up our sleeve then you’d be mistaken, as we have plenty of other pre Crimbo treats in store for you. For starters we have a bevvy of  Daytime beauties that will be making the leap this month into one of our more risque kind of shows; our web show. They will be flashing even more flesh and trust me when I say, you aren’t going to want to miss it.

As the Babestation birthday bash was predominately taken over by brunettes, we thought we’d mix it up for the rest of December by throwing in some seriously sexy blondes.

Polly Dales
Our first saucy minx is the gorgeous Polly Dales; this platinum blonde is a regular fixture on BS Daytime and loves to flaunt her curvy figure in tight outfits. She has a sophisticated air about her and is refreshingly easy to talk to.


Becky Dee
This buxom brunette bombshell just oozes sex appeal. She has appeared in many lads mags and classes her softly spoken welsh accent as one of the sexiest things about her.


Lizzie Murphy
This voluptuous vixen is a girl of many talents; not only is she a published model and channel hottie, but she is also a promo-girl and a club hostess. She loves chatting to shy guys and bringing them out of their shell.


Kimberly J
Miss Jenner has the kind of body you see in a raunchy hip hip video; big, sexy round ass and a cracking set of knockers that will make you wish you had more hands.


Ashley Jay
This babe has the stunning good looks of a classic pin-up model with legs that seem to go on forever. Her perfectly proportioned 34DD-26-34 body never fails to set pulses racing.


See? I told you we had some sexy treats lined up for you. I’ll be posting all of their upcoming shows soon so check back in with me on Friday boys for more news and upcoming events.


Reede xxx