Hey hey Babestation guys, Can you believe it’s only 16 sleeps until Christmas? WTF!!! If like me, you’re leaving it until the last minute to buy prezzies for your nearest and dearest then let me give you a helping hand with some splendid gift ideas. What do you get the guy who has everything? Well, a rubber fanny of course! Here are some of the best (and downright bizarre) moulded minges I came across during my gift. Any pervert would be be proud to own one of these!

sex toy torso on babestation
Erm, why is there a cock attached to this one?

sex toy on babestation

Or a bushy hole complete with fingers, perhaps?


Don’t worry ladies, you’ve not been left out! Why not slip your gob round this bad boy and morph into a real life sex doll. Go on, give your man a cracking good Christmas?!


Speaking of bush, there may be a brand new trend on the horizon for you. We’ve had Movember, Stoptober, the Mannequin challenge; I can’t bloody keep up with all these trends, there’s just too many to keep track of. Well, just as you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous, someone has come up with the bright idea of ‘don’t shave
December’, which involves the ladies letting their minge hair grow out. Yup, let your bushes flourish girls! It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Movember but hey, who’s up for it?


I’m half Greek, I can grow one of these in a week!


In my previous blog I mentioned that some of our stunning babestation daytime babes were making the leap on the web show. Well I now have confirmed shift dates so you might want to whack them in your diary.

babestation daytime babes

Web Schedule

Kimberly J – 15th December

Polly Dales – 10th December

Becky Dee –  10th December

Ashley Jay –  23rd December


Have a fabulous weekend you filthy lot. I’ll catch you next week.

Reede xxxxxxx