Sexual fantasies are a healthy part of adult sexual development. We all have them and the staff and models at Babenation are all too familiar with many different kinds of fantasies, but not everyone talks about them. Whether your sexual fantasies exist solely in your mind or you like to act them out with a partner, it’s perfectly normal and healthy to enjoy exploring your sexual desires. In this blog, we‘ll look at the most common sexual fantasies women have.

Multi-Partner Sex

Sexual fantasies

One of the most common sexual fantasies is multi-partner sex, which involves sex with more than one partner of the same or different genders. For both sexes, threesomes and group sex is one of the most common fantasies. It’s also within the top searches on Pornhub. However, men are more likely to fantasise about anonymous sex with multiple partners, while women are more likely to include girl-girl action same-sex partners and famous people in their fantasies.

Dominant or Rough Sex

Sexual fantasies

Rough or dominant sex is a popular sexual fantasy. It can involve varying degrees of intensity, from light restraint and rope bondage to more extreme activities such as BDSM. Contrary to popular belief, rough sex and BDSM are consensual exchanges of power between partners, and not inherently abusive. This type of sexual activity is often associated with heightened emotions and a desire for novelty, which can be exciting for couples looking to spice up their sex life. It is important to discuss boundaries with partners and establish safe words before engaging in any kind of rough sex or BDSM. Roleplay, such as professor/student or boss/employee scenarios. With clear communication and consent, rough sex can be a safe and enjoyable part of a healthy sex life.

Voyeurism or Exhibitionism

Voyeurism or exhibitionism is a common sexual fantasy, where people enjoy watching or being watched during sexual activities. Exhibitionism can be enjoyable for both the performer and the audience, as it can promote body positivity and self-confidence. This can involve stripping, performing in a porn film or masturbating for an audience. However, it is important to practice safe sexting and obtain consent when engaging in these activities. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone may be comfortable with participating in these activities, so communication and respect are essential. Why not start out by sexting your favourite Babestation tv girls or checking out her pervcam hidden camera.

Sex In Public or An Unusual Location

Sexual fantasies

Sex in public or an unusual location is a common sexual fantasy for a lot of people. It gives the person a thrill and the idea of doing something forbidden really fuels this fantasy. It is said that 81% of men and 84% of women get aroused by the thought of having sex in public, although it should be noted that this is illegal so perhaps stick to swingers events where these types of sex parties offer a safe space to explore such fantasies in public or unusual locations while respecting the boundaries and consent of all parties involved. It’s essential to remember that, while it may seem exciting, acting on this fantasy in a non-consensual or public manner could result in arrest or landing yourself on some kind of register.

Roleplay and Cosplay

Roleplay and cosplay are popular sexual fantasies that involve pretending to be someone else either by adopting a different identity or dressing up as a character. Some of the most popular roleplay fantasies include college girl/professor, doctor/patient, cheating housewife and secretary/CEO. Sign up as a VIP to gain access to roleplay videos and explicit content.

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9 Common Female Sexual Fantasies by lifenlesson