The Return of Kelly Carter

Anyone remember this babe?

She used to be on Babestation years ago.  Now she’s making a return to the show tonight.  So if you’ve missed Kelly (or I think she may have gone under the name Cassie at one point) then get on the phone and give her a call.

Free Babestation pics
Free Babestation girls

Don’t ask me if she’s blonde or brunette at the moment, I suppose you’ll find out on later tonight.  We’ve included both type of pictures so you can see which you prefer.  Personally I think she’s a stunning brunette; and that smile!  Fuck me!

Free Babestation pics
Free Babestation girls

Tune in tonight and catch Kelly Carter with her tits out, taking all your calls.  I hope she’s remembered how to work the phone lines.  Only one way to find out I suppose; I’ll just have to call her myself!

Live on Babestation tonight

Over to you!

Is there anyone else you’d like to see return to Babestation after all these years (remember that we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary soon!)  Leave us a comment and let us know who’d you’d like to see return.


  1. I would love to see Queen Xena Wilkes on telly! Seen her tonight on Babestation cams … She’s amazingly hot

  2. Would love to see Cara Matthews, Yvette Merriman, Amanda, Dani O’neil and Tara Lee return, the best Babestation cast ever assembled in my opinion. Call it Babestation Expendables.

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