We’re always bringing you new babes right?  Well, here’s another…

Kelly Carter is beginning to get a lot of attention on Babestation at the moment.  We think she’s going to be very big indeed.  That long brunette hair, that cheeky smile, those beautiful eyes and those perfect boobs are all going in her favour at the moment.  Not to mention her ass!  We know that Babestation has a lot of nice ass, but this is simply lovely; we never get tired of looking at a nice new piece of ass!

Kelly Carter from Babestation
Babestation’s Kelly Carter

What is it about Babestation’s Kelly Carter that floats your boat, get’s you all steamed up, hardens your pole, fires your engines etc etc?  We’d love to know your opinion, so why not leave us a little comment in the box below and pay tribute to this lovely specimen of the female form.  If you check out the website you’ll find a number of other photo shoots featuring Kelly, but these pictures have been taken from her very latest.

Take a look at those boobs and tell me that you’re not getting wood!  If you’re not, seriously, you have a problem and I’d be tempted to make an appointment with your GP at your earliest convenience.  Simply tell him that Babestation isn’t having any effect on your naughty region and he’ll know what you’re talking about.  Failing that, try some gay porn instead; and if that works… well…

Kelly Carter from Babestationtv
Babestation’s Kelly Carter

Kelly Carter now available in the member’s area of Babestation.