So Babestation are ready to help you countdown to the New Year in style by giving you the best tits and ass you’re likely to see this year on the television!

One of those babes is the wonderfully sexy Savannah, and she’s on tonight!

Savannah on Babestation tonight

Savannah has quite a fanbase through Babestation and she’s one of those girls who just gets better and better, the more popular she becomes.  You see Savannah loves the attention she gets from you guys and she’s always keen to make some new fans.  So if you’re one of those callers who really get into the action (what Savannah likes the best), then you really need to give her a call later; especially if you’ve yet to try her out.

Babestation’s Savannah – Satisfaction Guaranteed!



  1. Hey there, just wondering will Either Savannah or Ruby be on BSX anytime soon? Really miss seeing Savannah’s cute pussy, would love to seen Ruby’s! Anyways happy new year to the whole of the bs staff and workers.

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