It’s Monday morning and the skies are grey again.  Looks like autumn is well on the way, so what can we do to help with that?

Well we can tell you that the stunningly beautiful and delightfully dirty Savannah will be on the show tonight!  Savannah is enough to brighten any grey day, or night.  Those beautiful big tits and that perfectly formed hour glass figure is something to be marvelled.  Since Savannah joined the team at Babestation she’s managed to create quite a buzz and develop an enormous fanbase.

Savannah big tits
Savannah on Babestation tonight

She’s another of those Babestation Babes that loves to chat to her fans.  When she’s on the show she takes call after call, and when she’s not on the show she’s usually chatting away to her fans and other babes via Twitter.  For those of you who can remember a time before Twitter, or even a time before the internet, could you have imagined all that time ago being able to chat online to gorgeous glamour model like Savannah?  That’s what I call evolution; heaven only knows what you’ll be able to do in another 30-40 years!

You don’t have to be a member of Babestation to watch the show obviously, but if you want some exclusive Savannah content, including videos and pictures we can’t get away with showing on the telly, then you can sign up for a two day trial for £1.50!  If you do this, you can simply download all the Savannah content so you have it on your PC or other device for as long as you want it; but don’t forget that we add content all the time – it’s up to you…

Babestation – The home of Savannah!


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