There’s been a lot of chat recently about AI, virtual reality and robots, so I figured I’d cover that in today’s blog. As you’re probably well aware we are transitioning from the industrial age to the age of automation, and more and more jobs will soon be delegated to our robot counterparts. Jobs such as driving, surgery and erm…companionship aka hookers, as as the classier ones like to be called, escorts.

Yup, Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson believes that by 2025 humans sleeping with robots will be the norm, well, among the rich at least. Pfft, they’re always bloody first to try out the cool gadgets!

AI robot_sexy_fembot_female_companion_sexual_partners

Although apparently by 2030, us poorer folks will have caught up and relations between humans and robots will be as common as viewing porn. As a society, Dr. Pearson believes it will take a while for people to accept these relations between man and machine just like it took ages to accept the adult film industry. He believes that as the
robots improve in their look and feel, more people will be drawn to this idea and opinions will change. Yikes! Obviously I’m totally going to fuck a robot if the opportunity should arise but it’s pretty frightening that it could actually replace human intimacy.

In other frightening news, your everyday life and sexual encounters will soon be able to be recorded without your knowledge. If you thought our future was looking terrifying before, just wait until you see what this Japanese tech company has just come up with; Sony are currently working on the technology that will allow you to wear a contact lens that looks like it’s straight out of a Black Mirror episode.


These wearable devices will actually be able to record and play video. I can’t tell if this is incredible or utterly terrifying. probably a bit of both. The AI unit will include an image capture device, main control unit, storage module, antenna and piezoelectric sensor. The sensor is what will be able to tell the difference between a normal blink and a taking-photo blink. One will involve blinking slightly longer than usual and the lens will even be able to zoom and auto focus. Fuck me man, I’m scared!


In slightly more cheery, less dystopian kinda news, we have some absolute crackers appearing on the Babestation in December. Some are babes you may have seen before and others are entirely new to the industry. Put it this way, your hand is going to be very busy this Christmas! Watch this space!

Have a fab weekend boys,

Reede xxx


  1. interesting blog! This kinda resembles the tv show Westworld and the movie HER starring Scarlett Johanson lol. The future is coming!

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