One of Lori Buckby‘s biggest fans opens up about his naughty experiences talking to Lori on Babestation TV and webcam. He reveals what turns him on about our super sexy bohemian babe!

What turns you on most about Lori?
Her sexy nude body gyrating on screen never fails to get me going. I love it when Lori flicks her long brown hair and gazes sexually at the camera. When she looks seductively over her shoulder while she’s bent over I really feel like I’m fucking her!

What’s your favourite outfit Lori Buckby wears on screen?
I love her in lingerie and role play outfits but I ultimately prefer her being totally
naked! She has the most amazing tits and ass!

If you could take Lori on a date, where would you take her?
I’d like to be romantic and take her for a nice meal at the Shard in London followed by cocktails and a stay in a nice hotel if she was up for it!

What’s your favourite way to interact with Lori Buckby?
I love calling Lori on TV as it’s the classic way we’ve always connected. However, recently I’ve been spending a lot of time chatting to her via webcam, where she like to get extra filthy! I love getting a glimpse of her bare ass and pussy!

What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever discussed with Lori?
That would be telling, lol. I won’t get too graphic and hardcore because what happens between me and Lori on cam and Pervcam is private, so let’s just say she fulfils all of my fantasies and is VERY descriptive, especially when discussing blowjobs and oily tits.

What’s the hottest thing Lori has ever done during a cam session?
I love watching her strip naked and spread her legs whilst she talks dirty. The hottest thing I ever saw her do was dribble on her tits whilst looking down the camera lens. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

If you could set Lori any tip goal, what would it be?
I’d love to watch Lori do anal or be involved in a threesome. I know it probably won’t happen but a man can dream lol

If you could see Lori get naughty with any of the other babes who would it be?
I’d love to watch her get filthy with Daryl Morgan like the good old days

Lori Buckby is clearly your favourite babe, but who are your top 5?
Alice Goodwin
Daisy Dillon
Sophie Hart
Beth Bennet
Jess West

What do you wish Lori would do more of?
More naked oil and shower shows, foot worship shows and girl-girl!

If you could meet Lori in person and give her a message, what would it be?
Just keep doing what you’re doing Lori. I love your energy on screen and I’ll be calling you for many years to cum!


  1. Lori is a pleasant, intelligent young lady and should be respected as such. Keep your filthy mitts off her.

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