For anybody wondering what it’s like behind the scenes at Babestation TV, here’s a little something that gives you an idea.

This is a clip from the BBC docuseries Inside An Adult Web Cam Channel with Hayley Pearce. In it, presenter Hayley is given a guided tour around one of our studios by webcam legend, Levi.

As Levi shows Hayley Pearce around you get to see a little of how the studios operate, where each babe can perform their show in front of their own camera, in their own chosen space from a wide range of different sets around the studio. You also get to see how closely the producers work with you, never more than a few feet away if there is ever an issue or simply if a camera needs moving into a different position.

They are also on hand to take you off-screen for whenever you get a private perv-cammer who wants to take you away to have you all to themselves. The producers can swap you on and off screen whenever necessary.

Take a look at the video below to see for yourself:

As you can see it’s a rather relaxed atmosphere in the clip. Since Inside An Adult Web Cam Channel was filmed during the day there are fewer people in the studio. It’s certainly a lot more bustling during our nighttime show! Whenever you like to work, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Babestation TV is a 24/7 operation and is ready to open its doors to anybody who might be ready to make some money on webcam.