What turns you on most about Atlanta Moreno?
Where to begin! Her spread legs, tight wet pussy and the fact that she is one of the most flexible babes I’ve ever seen on the show. She can get her legs behind her head and do the splits like it’s nothing!

What’s your favourite outfit Atlanta wears on screen?
Can I say naked without sounding creepy?! Lol. She’s just so stunning when she’s topless or nude. I do however like her naughty college outfit. I also love Atlanta Moreno in green lingerie

If you could take Atlanta on a date, where would you take her?
She told me on the phone once that she enjoys a good quality burger so I’d take her to a top burger joint followed by cocktails…

What’s your favourite way to interact with Atlanta?
I call and cam with Atlanta often. I’ve even sent her fan mail in the post so I’ve interacted with her every way possible.

What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever discussed with Atlanta?
We spoke about my love of eating pussy in the 69 position so she described in great detail how she’d suck my cock whilst I licked and rimmed her. I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

What’s the hottest thing Atlanta Moreno has ever done during a cam session? 
She’s always filthy and full of energy so I couldn’t pick out just one particular time because she’s always hot. I do love it when she covers her tits and ass in oil and let’s me control her Vibratoy

If you could set Atlanta any tip goal, what would it be?
Boy-girl, glory hole blowjob and facial

If you could see Atlanta get naughty with any of the other babes who would it be? Someone old-school and experienced like Dani O’Neal or Karina Currie.

Atlanta Moreno is clearly your favourite babe but who are your top 5 best-of-the-rest?
Alice Goodwin, Lori Buckby, Sarah Louise, Annie Mae and Rosie Lee

What do you wish Atlanta would do more of? 
Anal and domination!

If you could meet Atlanta in person and give her a message, what would it be?
Do I have to give her a message? Can’t I give her a naked massage instead? Lol.