One of the biggest fans of Priya Young opens up about his naughty experiences talking to her on Babestation TV and webcam. He reveals what turns him on about the stunning glamour icon!

What turns you on most about Priya?
I love watching her shake her sexy toned ass and slowly undoing her bikini top to reveal her perfect tits. I also used to enjoy Priya and her twin sister Preeti’s 2-4-1 specials

What’s your favourite outfit Priya wears on screen?
A tiny thong and nothing else!

If you could take Priya on a date, where would you take her?
I’d invite her round to my swanky London apartment for an evening of watching movies and getting to know each other. I think I’d be too nervous to make a move so she’d probably end up friend zoning me lol

What’s your favourite way to interact with Priya?
I love talking to her on webcam because she’s always extra dirty on cam. She is always happy to try out new things whether it’s kinky roleplay or a certain toy, she rarely says no. She sometimes gets her friends involved for some lesbian fun which is such a turn on!

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What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever discussed with Priya?
I’ve discussed my threesome and orgy fantasies with her in the past and she seemed super excited to hear about it. I really feel like it aroused her

What’s the hottest thing Priya has ever done during a cam session?
Watching her stroke her friend’s pussy and spank her ass on cam was probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

If you could set Priya any tip goal, what would it be?
I’ve never been into this before but for some reason I’d love to watch Preeti do some Sploshing. The thought of Priya covered in cream and syrup just makes me very hungry

If you could see Priya get naughty with any of the other babes who would it be?
Mica! That’s my ultimate inked babe dream team!

Priya Young is clearly your favourite babe but who are your top 5?
Mica Martinez
Caty Cole
Amanda Rendall
Michelle Thorne
Camilla Jayne

What do you wish Priya would do more of?
Spanking and domination

If you could meet Priya in person and give her a message, what would it be?
Omg I LOVE YOU! Hahaha