If you were to ask most men what they prefer sport or babes, i imagine for the many, the answer might be a tough choice.  Over the years the worlds of babe channels and the worlds of sport have crossed paths on numerous occasions.  Every time it happens the results can be controversial, hilarious, even downright weird but but however it happens, one thing is guaranteed, it’s always entertaining.

Did you know that early in his playing career, Wayne Rooney used to call Babestation pretending to be someone else and it was claimed that while Colleen was away he would enjoy giving instructions to the sexy presenters and would often joke about his babe channel antics with his teammates.

Another high profile football star reached out more directly in the form of a recent birthday shout-out video, courtesy of our friend Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, The ex Liverpool hard man expressed his love for what we do in a special video message.

Some football fans just can’t tear themselves away from watching Babestation long enough to make it through their weekly game.  In this story from Bristol Rovers, one fan got control of the remote control long enough to switch the channel of the big screen in the clubhouse bar to show our very own Hannah C doing her thing on Babestation Daytime.

Babe channels and sport stars

It’s not just footballers and football fans who love a bit of Babestation, we also have a strong connection with the world of boxing as well.  When Evander Holyfield fought the Russian Giant, Nikolai Valuev, we sent Camilla, Savannah, Donna Duke among other to Switzerland to pose with the fighters during in the press conference:

In this classic video from way back in the day, some our girls performed the roles of ring girls at a boxing venue in front of thousands of people both live and watching on TV.  In this behind the scenes footage you can watch how they got on and the laughs they had in the build up to the fight all the way through to the after party.  Which girls do you recognise?

Who remembers Ricky Hatton going viral early on during the lockdown?  When he posted this video message of support and positivity for those in lockdown featuring an hilarious cameo in the background of the shot of his TV screen showing Babestation.

Babe channels and Sport Stars

Then there’s the saga of British heavyweight boxer Dave, ‘The White Rhino’ Allen being challenged by Saskia to come in for a visit to the Babestation studio.  Dave got to hang out behind the scenes and more than met his match in Saskia.

Other babe channels have also found their paths crossing with the world of sport, in June 2017, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne was caught out liking several of Studio 66 babe, Cara Brett’s pictures.  The pair were apparently friends as Cara also follows Warne on Instagram since his appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Sport and sports stars it seem are never far away from the world of babe channels. Who knows what could happen next and who might find themselves linked with one of our girls.  Watch this space!


  1. You should also do a which female sports stars would make a top babestation babeshow babe , my nomination would be the golf star Paige Spiranac

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