We’re crowning Gracie Babe of the Week because of her fantastic performances so far; including Babestation X!

The pictures we’re including are part of a great set in the member’s area of our website if you’re a true Gracie fan.  She takes such wonderful pictures it really is a wonder she’s not modelling for Vogue or something!  (Don’t get any ideas Gracie).

Gracie photo shoot for Babestation

If you’re really into Gracie then follow her on Twitter too.  This is a sure way of keeping up to date with everything she’s up to at the moment, and keep informed about all her Babestation appearances in the future… Not to mention all the free dirty pictures that you’re likely to get too.

Free glamour pics
Babestation’s Gracie

So if you’re into Gracie and you like any of the other Babestation girls, get along to our website and check them all out.  There’s plenty to go at that’s for sure!

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