A Trip Down Memory Lane: Babestation 2013 Competition Recap

In the world of live babeshows, there is one name that stands out amongst the rest – Babestation. With its sexy babes, erotic bliss, and the best selection of British porn stars, Babestation has become the UK’s number one live sex cam provider. And in 2013, the Babestation babes took the world by storm, captivating viewers with their seductive performances and irresistible charms.

Today, we take a look back at the 2013 Queen of Babestation babeshow forum competition and the babes who dominated the scene.

Beth shows pussy and does phone sex on babestation x
Beth Bennett

The Babeshow Babes who Dominated the 2013 Babestation Scene

The babes of the 2013 Babestation lineup were the stars of the show, captivating viewers with their beauty, charm, and sex appeal. From the classic TV models to the new generation of hot babes, the lineup was a feast for the eyes. Beth Bennett, Priya Young, Lynda Leigh, Amanda Rendall, were just a few of the babes who stole the spotlight in 2013, taking live babe shows to a whole new level of interactivity.

Where are the Top Babeshow Babes of 2013 Now?

While the babes of the 2013 Babestation scene may have moved on from the live babeshows, their legacies live on. Today, many of these babes have found success in the world of glamour content, with their own websites, social media followings, and even OnlyFans accounts. They continue to captivate fans with their sexy updates and behind-the-scenes moments, keeping the spirit of the live babe shows alive.

Who were the 2013 nominees?

The babeshow forum competition in 2013 was fierce, with some of the sexiest babes in the industry vying for the crown. The nominees included babes like Tori Lee, Preeti, and more, each bringing their own unique style and sex appeal to the competition.

Preeti in babeshow college girl outfit
Preeti Young

It was a tough decision for the judges, but only one babe could be crowned the Queen of Babestation. We have marked next to the nominees if they are still active or not

This is how the voting was done

*Vote for your favourite top 5 babes. It can be in any order and the babe with the most votes at the end of the competition will win and will be crowned The Queen of Babestation 2013.

* Here is the list of the 40 Babes in the running from 1-40 in alphabetical order.

  1. Abbee Kimberly – retired

    babestation daytime babe Charlie C, covers her tits with her hands
    Charlie C
  2. Angela Downs – retired
  3. Beth – active
  4. Brookie Little – active
  5. Cali Garcia – retired
  6. Charlie C – active
  7. Chessie Kay – active
  8. Daisy Dash – active
  9. Danni Levy – active
  10. Daryl Morgan – retired
  11. Elicia Solis – retired
  12. Georgie Darby – active
  13. Georgie Serino – retired
  14. Geri – retired
  15. Gracie Lewis – retired
  16. Jada – active
  17. Jasmine James – retired
  18. Jenna Hoskins – semi-active
  19. Jennifer Jade – retired
  20. Kimberley Jones – retired
  21. Lacey Lorenzo – retired
  22. Lily Pink – retired
  23. Leigh Darby
  24. Lexie Ryder – retired
  25. Lolly – retired
  26. Lori Buckby – active
  27. Louise Porter – retired
  28. Madison Rose – retired
  29. Paige Turnah – semi active
  30. Paris – retired

    daytime babeshow babe Rochelle Hardy, now Rochelle Ryan creamy hand prints on her big tits
    Rochelle Hardy (Now Rochelle Ryan)
  31. Preeti Young – active
  32. Rebecca Crow – retired
  33. Reede Fox – retired
  34. Rocha Jay – retired
  35. Rochelle Hardy – active
  36. Ruby Summers – retired
  37. Sami J – retired
  38. Savannah Mai – retired
  39. Tiffany Chambers – retired
  40. Tori Lee – retired

Who Won the Queen of Babestation Awards 2013?

And the winner of the prestigious Queen of Babestation awards in 2013 was none other than the stunning Tori Lee.

The winner of the race and The NEW Queen of Babestation 2013 is………….


Babe number 40…………….


It is the very very gorgeous………………


Tori Lee!


Her shows have been so good this year and she is a very worthy winner!


The top 3 Babes:

Babeshows babe Tori Lee reveals her tits
Tori Lee

1st 40. Tori Lee

2nd 4. Brook Little

3rd 16. Jada


With her seductive performances and undeniable sex appeal, Tori Lee captured the hearts of viewers and the judges alike. She truly embodied the spirit of the live babeshows, and her win was well-deserved.

Tori Lee Onlyfans and Social Media

If you’re a fan of Tori Lee, you’re in luck, because she has a thriving Tori Lee OnlyFans and a strong presence on social media platforms like twitter misstorilee. On her OnlyFans, you can find exclusive content, sexy updates, and behind-the-scenes moments that you won’t find anywhere else.

And on social media, you can join the online community of Tori Lee fans, where you can connect with other fans, get the latest updates, and bask in the erotic bliss of Tori Lee.


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