Lynda Leigh

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Lynda Leigh's Profile

Lynda Leigh's Profile

Lynda is a sexy and sensual MILF who first appeared on Television X many moons ago and has been successful in the modelling industry ever since. Her body is like nothing you've ever seen and wouldn't look out of place on 21 year old gymnast.

Lynda likes to take very good care of herself and uses the term "the body is a temple" as her mantra. She loves exercising and spends most of her days working her sweet butt off in the gym. But there's no gentle jogging for this lady - she gets her toned abs and sculpted curves from doing crossfit, high intensity workouts and eating clean. It's clearly paying off!

When Lynda is on the show she likes to take the reins with her callers and they always come back, begging for more. She attracts men of all ages and loves to roleplay
whether it be as a dominatrix or a demure and shy English rose. Lynda can do it all!

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