As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, Babestation is giving one thousand lucky Babestation fans the chance to buy the limited edition Babestation Scrapbook! As part of our launch of the Babestation digital collectibles with our partner M-verse, we will be releasing the Scrapbook, which will feature masses of exclusive, never seen before Babestation content. Released on the 3rd of November, a strictly limited edition of 1000 of the Scrapbooks will be available, alongside the 100,000 regular Babestation digital collectibles.

What is the Babestation 20th Anniversary Digital Collectible Scrapbook?

Each of the Babestation digital collectibles is a one-of-a-kind digital asset.  Since they are all created on the NFT medium, using unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectible artwork.
Exclusive, unseen Babestation footage, private messages from models, and steamy
stories will be included in the ultra-limited edition Babestation ‘Scrapbook’; It’s a one-of-a-
kind collectible that fans of Babestation will love, and over time, more content will be added
to each individual Scrapbook. There will also be 200 Babecall credits to use on the
Babestation website, as well as additional real-world benefits. These will only be available to a lucky 1000 people, so get them while you can!

What is a Digital Collectible?

Babestation’s digital collectibles are NFTs.

NFT is a term that you may have come across in recent years in the media. They are unique digital assets that may be bought, sold, or traded like any other collectible. They may also be referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens. Each NFT is unique and cannot be replicated, unlike the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is fungible (able to be split into smaller pieces).

As a result, they’re great for digital art, in-game items, and more. The value of an NFT is
derived from its scarcity and distinctiveness. As a result, you may acquire a Babestation
digital collectible NFT and watch its worth grow over time as it becomes more valuable!

Babestation Turns 20 Years Old!

Babestation began on the Game Network Sky TV station as a television show in 2002. It
stormed the UK, quickly expanding to cover multiple specialized channels on Sky TV, and
became a household name. Babestation has continued to grow in popularity since then, and it is now the most well-known adult brand in the United Kingdom and by far the leading home grown webcam company.  Come and join us in celebrating our 20th Anniversary with this incredible offer!

How Can I Buy The Babestation 20th Anniversary Scrapbook Digital Collectible?

The Babestation digital collectible Scrapbook will be launched on the 3rd December 2022 –
the 20th anniversary of Babestation!

Before then, you can pre-register at the M-verse website right here.

The super-exclusive Babestation Scrapbook will be priced at £149.99, Don’t wait as we
expect these to go fast!

Who Are M-Verse?

M-verse is a platform that rewards users with real-life benefits, utility, and value via NFT
and blockchain technology in the digital collectible industry. Users can purchase digital
collectibles via a standard credit or debit card on the Mverse platform, which makes it
simpler for those who haven’t previously bought cryptocurrency or digital collectible NFTs.
Pre-register now before the December 3rd launch date!