From the archives of the babeshow forum thread, ‘Babestation On This Day’ comes a week’s worth of babestation’s live babeshows memories and screen caps from across our babe channels.  This week’s images include some from previous birthday nights, where Babestation celebrated it’s anniversary.  Which are particularly interesting as Babestation is about to celebrate it’s 20th year in the next few weeks.  Keep you eyes peeled for more on that in future blogs.

30th November in Babe Channels and History

1872 First international football game, Scotland v England in Glasgow. (0-0 draw).

From 2014, daytime babe Hannah C

babe channels

British porn icon, Beth Bennett

Tuesday 30th November 2010 Studio 66 Schedule
Doing phonesex:
morning: Hannah Martin
daytime: Cara Brett, Rachel Louise
nighttime: Caty Cole, Delta White, Dionne Daniels

1st December

In Babe Channels and History

1919 Lady Nancy Astor is sworn in as the first female member of the British Parliament.

From 2014, British porn star, Paige Turnah

Wednesday 1st December S66Cams Schedule
For adult phone chat:
Morning-Rachel Louise
Daytime-Becky Roberts,Kitty Lea
Nighttime-Ashley Emma,Charlie O’Neal,Mica Martinez

2nd December in Babe Channels and History

1859 Abolitionist John Brown is hung, for murder, treason and conspiracy to incite slaves to revolt at Charles Town, Virginia.

From 2014, Preeti Young,

babe channels

See Preeti in this exclusive video

From 2017,

Priya & Lexi Lowe shower

Thursday 2nd December Studio 66 Schedule
Giving you cheap phones sex:
morning: Leah Francis
daytime: Vikki Thomas, Becky Roberts
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Delta White, Sophia Knight

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3rd December

In Babe Channels and History

1926 Detective novelist Agatha Christie disappears for 11 days.

From 2014 and 2015, a dose of Cali Garcia live on TV and babecall cams

babe channels

Friday 3rd December Studio66TV Schedule

morning: Leah Francis
daytime: Alice Goodwin, Cara Brett
nighttime: Charlie O’Neal, Dionne Daniels, Lori Buckby

4th December in Babe Channels and History

1961 Museum of Modern Art hangs Matisse’s “Le Bateau” upside down for 47 days before the error is noticed.

From 2013,

Camilla J BSX web

babe channels

and 2014, with the pervcam pointed at her, Hannah Claydon

and 2015, Sexstation babes Amelia & Beth BSX

Saturday 4th December Studio 66 Schedule

morning: Hannah Martin, Sophia Lares
daytime: Becky Roberts, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Caty Cole, Dionne Daniels, Lori Buckby, Mica Martinez

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5th December

In Babe Channels and History

1929 The first US nudist organization, the American League for Physical Culture, founded in New York City,

1933 Prohibition ends in the US when the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified, repealing the 18th Amendment.
…and celebrating “Physical Culture” in BS’s birthday parties over 2013, 2014 and 2015 and streaming across Rampant TV were….

Lacey Lorenzo

babe channels

05-12-14 BS party

babe channels

On Babenation, Sophie Hart

Sophie has also appeared on Xpanded in her time.

Caty Cole

babe channels


Camilla J and Maddy Rose

Camilla J

Maddy Rose

babe channels


Sunday December 05, 2010 Studio66 Schedule

morning: Becky Roberts, Sophia Lares
daytime: Cara Brett, Kitty Lea
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Sophia Knight

6th December in Babe Channels and History

1923 US President Calvin Coolidge makes the first Presidential radio broadcast.

He was on a tour in California, and about to be getting onto a train.
It had been announced in the newspapers, a crowd had gathered, they made the introduction “…for the first time in history, a President of the United States will deliver over the radio a message to the American people…”, handed him the microphone, and he just said “Goodbye”, and got onto the train and left

(Known as “Silent Cal” for his economy with words & speeches, it became common to describe him as a “figurehead” / “do nothing” President, he was famously described as sleeping for 12 to 15 hours a day. However, it has also been noted that he did remarkable amount in his first few months of office from August 1923 until about June 1924, and it is suggested that his apparent lack of work rate after that was caused by severe depression, brought on following the very sudden death of his 16 year old son, from blood poisioning. He did not stand for a second term.)

From 2014, Jada BSX

babe channels

Monday December 06, 2010 Studio 66 Schedule

morning: Rachel Louise
daytime: Becky Roberts, Kitty Lea, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Lori Buckby

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