Getting up close and personal

Our new blogger enthuses about his new job, to meet and interview the Babestation girls and get all personal with them.  He is one of the luckiest bloggers in the UK at the moment… and he probably doesn’t even get paid!

That’s what I intend to do folks, and you can bet that I really will get up close and personal with the Babestation girls; even if it means me getting a slap in the face.  I know you want to do it, but…well, you can’t can you?

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day do they?  Carpe Diem, that’s what I say…

Babe of the week

Along with other special features, I’ll be selecting one babe each week for special attention.  This could be the babe who has been on the screen the most, working hard and taking calls, or it could be a new face who has made a particular impression.

Babe of the week will be out every Friday to give you a little light reading for the weekend, and of course I’ll throw in a couple of free Babe pics to stimulate the parts that the text simply can’t reach!

Free Babestation pictures

This has always been about getting free Babestation pictures, but now you’re going to be introduced to the new babes as they arrive and be the first to get pictures of them that are usually only reserved for members of the site.  Of course the members get more than you, they’re more important and not a bunch of freeloading wankers!

So that’s the plan so far.  I’m sure it will change; you know what these Babestation girls are like.  But we’ll try our best to carry on…

Free Babestation pic
Free Babe pic

Over to you guys

I’d also like to get a little more interactive with you guys out there.  No, it’s not like that, I’m a Babestation girl only guy.

What do you want to see on this blog, and would you like to post some questions for your favourite babes?

Leave us a comment…


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