If you’ve not yet heard the exciting news, we recently teamed up with a top U.S cam platform to bring you some fresh new faces from across the pond! We know you lot love your British babes but trust me, when I show the tasty treats these stateside stunners & international babes are offering, you’ll be hard-pressed to say no! Let’s take a peek:

New U.S Talent

Alpha Goddess

Amber Lily

Shea Foxxx

Sexy Eyes

Sensual Suzette

International talent 

Vivienne Ruth

International Babe

Alisson Santamaria

International BabeNatallie Lynn

Holly Garcia

Oriana Blake

International BabeGold Shows

For those who are wondering ‘what the heck is a gold show?’, let me explain – A gold show is basically a group show where the babe sets a ‘goal amount’ for a particular show ie, anal play, deepthroat. You as the caller would then club together with other users to reach the babes ‘goal amount’ so you can watch the hot action. It’s essentially like splitting the bill at a restaurant!

If your favourite babe isn’t offering a show that you’re particularly ‘into’, don’t be afraid to offer your ideas on what you’d like to see. As a former cam girl myself I loved it when my callers gave me fresh ideas to keep my shows interesting and current. Just be polite, ok! No one likes a smart-ass!

No one yet taken your fancy? Why not take a look at the hundreds of sexy U.S and international babes currently appearing on our cam platform.

Go on, treat yourself! They’re waiting….