In this video Beth Bennett attended the London Comic Convention AKA Comic Con, home of all things comic book, anime and pop culture at London Excel along with two of her closest friends and fellow babeshow models. Beth Bennett was dressed as Marvel’s Agent Carter while her friends Yasmin Nicole rocked up dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo and Kourt Thora as Negan from The Walking Dead.

The girls’ purpose for attending the event was to chat to attendees and meet some of the best-dressed cosplayers in the UK… and of course to bring the word of Babestation to such a prestigious event. Beth and pals took along two Babestation cameramen to follow their movements around the convention, which looked to be heaving with people.

Beth, Kourt & Yasmin wasted no time in getting to know people and Beth was the first to approach a cosplayer who was dressed up as the original Wolverine, with full black and yellow get-up and epic claws.

He even does Wolverine’s iconic pose. Next up, Velma approaches a man dressed as a knight and asks him who he has come dressed as to which he replies he’s a “general crusader”. My guess is this is probably his weekend L.A.R.P.I.N.G costume. He was even wearing a full on metal chainmail armour suit. Solid 10 for effort.

comic con

A funny moment comes when Velma spots Michael Myers from Halloween and approaches him to ask for a picture with him. The dude really channeled his inner Mike Myers because he just kept staring forwards totally deadpan. Velma nervously laughs and walks away muttering “I don’t think he watches Babestation.” Nonsense.

I reckon he’s an avid fan. Another hilarious encounter comes courtesy of a guy dressed up as Boris Johnson holding a head of lettuce with googly eyes. For those scratching their heads, this was in relation to a live stream by a national newspaper saying a head of lettuce would last longer than Liz Truss’ time as PM. They weren’t wrong.

Some memorable sweeping shots include the girls sitting on a replica model of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones and Negan discovering ‘Lucille’, the barbed wire-covered bat and perfect Walking Dead cosplay accessory at one of the many stalls. The London Comic Con is packed full of quirky and interesting stalls from anime conventions to video games.

Not forgetting of course, comic books, It’s basically a comic book lover’s wet dream. If you’re looking for movie posters, Pop figures, anime art, cosplay costumes or action figures, Comic Con is definitely worth a visit.  If you’re also a fan of anime, check out world cams’s latest anime cam girl, Sasha Nakamoto.

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