Some historical factoids and some naughty, naked memories of this week in the history of Babestation and the babe channels.  All from M-L-L and their babeshow forum thread, ‘Babestation on this day’.

7th December In Babe Channels and History

1703 The Great Storm of 1703 destroys the first Eddystone Lighthouse.

From 2018, former Red Light Central babe, Tori Lee

babe channels
Tori Lee

phonesex operator,  Ashley Emma

Ashley Emma

Tuesday December 07, 2010 Studio 66 Schedule

Also streaming live on Rampant TV:

daytime: Becky Roberts, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Charlie O’Neal, Lori Buckby



8th December

In Babe Channels and History

1955 UK Release of Ealing black comedy “The Ladykillers” starring Alec Guinness (doing his best Alistair Sim impersonation.)

From 2014

Former Xpanded babe Sophie Hart

babe channels
Sophie Hart

Adult phone chat expert, Lori Buckby

babe channels
Lori Buckby

Cali Garcia

Cali Garcia

Wednesday December 08, 2010 S66Cams Schedule

morning: Sophia Lares
daytime: Alice Goodwin, Cara Brett
nighttime: Caty Cole, Mica Martinez, Sophia Knight


9th December In Babe Channels and History

(No caps found for the 9th)


10th December In Babe Channels and History

1799 First use of the metric system, in France.

217 years later, BS viewers of Cali Garcia, offering her estimates of her effect on their appendages, are still using (exaggerated?) measurements in inches…

babe channels
Cali Garcia

Friday 10th December Studio 66 Schedule

morning: Leah Francis
daytime: Alice Goodwin, Cara Brett, Kitty Lea
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Caty Cole, Charlie O’Neal, Lori Buckby

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11th December

In Babe Channels and History

1913 The Mona Lisa is recovered, 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum.

Here’s a double dose of BS’s own Mona Lisa, Hannah Claydon from 2016

Hannah C

Saturday 11th December

morning: Rachel Louise, Sophia Lares
daytime: Becky Roberts, Danica, Vikki Thomas
nighttime: Caty Cole, British porn babe Delta White, Dionne Daniels, Mica Martinez

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12th December In Babe Channels and History

1901 Guglielmo Marconi sends the first transatlantic radio signal from Poldhu, Cornwall to Newfoundland, Canada.

From 2014, showing on pervcam and babenation was Preeti

babe channels
Preeti Young

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and in 2015, available for cheap phone sex, Amelia & British pornstar Lexi Lowe BSX

Amelia and Lexi

Sunday 12th December 2010 Studio 66 TV Schedule

morning: Becky Roberts, Cara Brett
daytime: Rachel Louise, Sophia Lares
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Dionne Daniels

13th December

In Babe Channels and History

1577 English pirate Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England on a circumnavigation of the world.

From 2014, sexstation legend, Jada, BS Unleashed


and in 2016, Cali Garcia,

Monday 13th December 2010
morning: Sophia Lares, Tia (Trial)
daytime: Becky Roberts, Kitty Lea
nighttime: Ashley Emma, Charlie O’Neal, Lori Buckby

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