Gentlemen, a toast…to the Queen!

*cue the music*

(The national anthem should be playing in your minds right now as you read the following):

As it’s a Platinum Jubilee year for the Queen, marking 70 glorious years on the thrown, servicing the public in every way that Babestation can’t, we will be broadcasting the national anthem at the end of each day’s live programming at 4.59am every day from Monday 24th January.

At Babestation we know a little bit about servicing the public, we’ve been doing it for the past 20 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via SKY 903, 906 and 908, VIRGIN 981 and 982 and FREEVIEW 673 and 674 as well as live streaming via and

Georgia Brown

While we consider our public service to be just as-if not more important than the Queens, (I mean, if you think about it….)  we’ve got to give it up for the OG so listen out for our small gesture of thanks and gratitude as we bring back the tradition of broadcasting the national anthem, previously done by the BBC 24 years ago.

So listen out at the end of each night’s live babeshows and if you have any strength left in your arms and legs, rise to your feet and salute as we offer our small piece of thanks for 70 years.

Find out what we have in store for each night’s programming by checking the schedule and if you want a little taste of what our babes have got for you, you can also find hot videos here.  If you want to see more uncensored content you can enjoy all our years worth of naked action through the picture and video content waiting for you in the Babestation archives, easily accessed by following this link and becoming a VIP Member.)