As an avid Babestation viewer it’s easy to get sucked in to the seduction and glamour of it all and forget that the girls are actually a pretty hilarious bunch. I was perusing the internet recently and I happened to stumble across some rather brilliant videos involving our girls. The videos range from pranks and outtakes to just random AMA’s (ask me anything) and it just highlights how down to earth and fun our girls are. There’s nothing worse than a girl who
takes herself too seriously doesn’t know how to give it back – this is where out girls come out on top.

This first video is titled ‘pranked with the Babestation Daytime girls’ and shows the babes getting sprayed with silly string by our cheeky producers, all while trying to eat a dry wheatabix (which is no easy task BTW)

This video shows the girls telling the worst ‘dad jokes’ you’ve ever heard; think of how bad Christmas cracker jokes are and multiply it by 100.

This one is brilliant! Watch as Cali and Electra continuously fluff the lines to their promos.

If you grew up watching Carry On films like I did, you’ll definitely appreciate this hilarious ‘April Fools Day’ prank involving a rather realistic looking cockroach.

Here’s our girls being asked some general knowledge questions. Do they defy or adhere to the stereotypical glamour model?!

Round 2 of question for the babes. Danni Levy’s answers never fail to disappoint.

What did I tell you? Not only are they drop dead gorgeous but our babes are funny as f*ck. They may not be joining Mensa anytime soon but with cracking cans like theirs, who the hell cares?! Tune in TONIGHT to watch these stunners writhe around for you and don’t forget to check out their Pervcams.

Mwah xxx


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