While Babestation is a well-known name in the UK, its influence extends beyond British borders with several overseas babe channels popping up throughout the years. The inaugural BS Germany, for instance, graced screens a year after the UK launch, running for a month in the autumn of 2003. Notably, it was filmed within the iconic Berlin TV tower. Originally located in Eastern Germany, this version of Babestation had a brief existence. It wasn’t until an encounter at the Venus Erotica show in October 2010 that the idea for Babestation 24 took shape. This time, the production found its home in the city of Hannover, marking a fresh start for the international extension of the Babestation cams brand.

Babestation 24

Celebrating its 9th anniversary since its launch on July 1, 2011, BS 24 has established itself as a prominent presence in the adult entertainment scene. The initial months featured appearances by renowned German porn stars, and even the iconic british porn star Ree Petra from UK Babestation, showcasing her expertise and big tits to the new audience. Operating on the Astra platform, BS 24 garnered a dedicated following of viewers who admire the performances of acclaimed porn stars like Cara Cum, JayJayInk, Samy Fox and the provocative Sindy Schmidt.

Ree Petra Babestation worldwide PVC Corset Free Pic
Ree Petra

Babestation Brazil

Babestation expanded its influence in 2013, bringing a taste of the great British phone sex babeshow to Brazil. Helmed by the same team behind Babestation, this Brazilian venture shattered the notion that studio66 model Fernanda was the sole standout babe from Brazil. Featuring five babes and a set that would be the envy of many British babeshows, Babestation Brazil set its stage in the vibrant city of Sao Paulo. Despite the studio’s unassuming exterior, the show quickly gained a cult following on late-night TV, running successfully for several years.

Babestation South Africa (Party People)

In 2013, another addition to the global Babestation family emerged with the launch of BS South Africa, known on air as Party People (distinct from the original Party People). Interestingly, this show was filmed in the UK and featured content showcasing babestation daytime girls. Flick Hill, a prominent daytime girl and popular nude cams model, became a star and gained significant popularity among viewers in the southern hemisphere. Despite its nearly one-year run with broadcasts on Friday and Saturday nights, BS South Africa didn’t quite carve out the same niche as its UK counterpart.

Babestation USA (Flirt)

Introducing Babestation usa venture, “Flirt,” filmed in Little Rock, Arkansas. The late-night dating program, Flirt TV, was an attempt to replicate the success of its UK counterpart. Unfortunately, it didn’t capture the viewership it aimed for, resulting in a brief existence for this transatlantic collaboration. 

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