In case you didn’t know folks, Babestation X is back and ready to give you the live shows again…

However, there is one change in the arrangements, in order to avoid all the backlash we’ve been getting from our competitors etc, we’ve made the executive decision to keep the live Babestation X shows online for the time being. You can still see the same great content, just not from the comfort of your armchair in front of your 3 million inch plasma bastard TV. If you’re really a fan of the babe that’s on you’ll bite the bullet and watch it online. It’s cheaper anyway – only £1.50 a show online.

Friday Night

Tonight we’ve got Preeti going live for you! Preeti loved doing the Babestation X live shows before and she’s ready to perform again. We’re hoping that our Babestation All Star gets the same appreciation as she did last time; you guys were awesome and I know that Preeti was overwhelmed with the attention she received!

Preeti on Babestation X
Preeti on Babestation X

Babestation X is back!  But remember, it’s no longer on Freeview, you’ll have to access it online at  You won’t regret it, and the first online only show with Preeti is going to be a very special one of many more to follow!

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