Dionne is as happy that the Babestation X shows are continuing as we are, not least because she gets paid of course.  Can you remember your last Dionne show on Babestation X?

If you can remember it, send us a comment and tell us all about it.  We love to read that sort of stuff in the comments, it makes so much more difference than readin “I’d like to bang your back doors in” all the time!

Dionne on Babestation X
Dionne Mendez

Please remember that Babestation X will not be on Freeview anymore, if you want to watch the live show you’ll have to go online to get your action.  It’s not much different really; it all depends on the size of your monitor we suppose!  So what, you won’t be able to sit in your armchair?  You’ll still be able to bang one out in the office chair or whilst balancing your laptop.  It’s all good Babestation X action and you know you’re going to love it.  Members get the show for free of course, and anyone else has to pay £1.50.  That’s as cheap as it’s going to get for a live solo show with a girl as good as Dionne Mendez; so get your arse in gear and get over to the website to sign up.  Remember that if you sign up today and take the two day trial membership for £1.50 you can get both shows as well as all the website content.

Babestation – The return of Babestation X